November 30th, 2005

tea time

Minnesota here we come

Well, we have come to a decision and I am totally freakin excited. We ARE leaving Michigan and we know where we are going. FUCK YEAH!! Uncle Richard and Craig have offered us to come stay with them until we get jobs and are situated in Minnesota. We will either be staying with them or in an empty apartment that Craig has. So, yea. We are gonna try it out by going from May - August. If we like it, we will stay and if we don't well, we will come back and get our lives back on track here. I am so fucking excited and nervous. Now to decide what to do with our belongings. Its a choice between subleasing the apartment or just letting the lease run out in May OR put our things in storage and go. I don't know what we will end up doing. Definitely time to start saving EVERY freakin penny that we have. I think that her family here will be sad but at least she will be with another family member. :) How amazing. Everything is just SUPER fucking fantastic. I put in a hella long work day today. I did a lot and it was productive. Tonight is technically movie night but we are gonna do games and hang out instead. YAY!

gotta go join the group now.
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