December 8th, 2005

tea time

bar time

went to ladies night. have to work in 5 hours. gonna go to sleep. kings did a good job. saw friends. gonna miss this town.. ahh
tea time


Talk may sometimes be cheap, but right now the way you're communicating is totally on target, making you a valuable addition to any team. If there's a presentation to be given at work, you're the right person for the job; if you've been putting off making a phone call to a relative, now's the time. And any sticky relationship situation is no match for your ability to call it like you see it, and sound amazing while doing so.

* * *
maybe this explains why I am so irritable today. I feel like no one is being nice and I want to CUT them. anyway, off to a work meeting. yippee. so fuckin tired I want to throw in the towel and pass out.
i just realized i am going to have a VERY busy next few weeks at work.
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tea time


If anyone out there is interested in holiday cookies.. please see me. We, The Bean Counter, (located within the YWCA Flint) are making holiday cookies. You can pick them up (pick out which kind you want, there will be a variety) on December 19th. You do have to preorder them so that I know how many to make. So, here is the deal. You order a dozen cookies from me. Make your check out to the YWCA for $6.50 (no tax) and then you come to the YWCA some time on Dec 19th and pick out your cookies. I will then put them in a pretty bag with a bow and sticker.
I NEED YOU TO BUY SOME DAMN COOKIES! I will be spending my weekend making cookies and I want to see them sell. I can cook really well.
We only make as many cookies as are pre-ordered. so move fast! they make great gifts.
The Bean Counter 810-238-7621 ext 307 to order