December 9th, 2005

tea time

more than usual

today was more that usual - CRAZINESS. everything was out of control, starting with the plow person not showing up at the YWCA until about 8am. So, we guesstimated about where to turn in and go from there. Catering and we were running behind. It was just crazy. Phone calls out the ass and things just kept going wrong. I hope that Patrick got all of my messages about things left to do.
I left work and we went to Tris mom house to get some gift bags and money. Our account was neglected in some way and we overdrew it paying bills. Now we have to get by til Wednesday, hoping nothing major comes up that we need money for. I got my yearly "you owe the Department of Treasury $150 dollars because of a ticket a long time ago". So, that's a wonderful right before Christmas/holiday season present to myself. Thank goodness this is the last year I will have to pay this fine. I think that they should wait until the new year before sending these letters. oh well, I will suck it up and all will be well. Then I came home and watched some TV and off and on napped. I couldnt really keep sleeping because of the noise of Tristia's game and the TV and the cats and everything. Then Sara came over. YAY. and Jaime thought she would come over 2 hrs early too. I hadn't showered or anything. So, that was frustrating. Sara is okay but others are NOT.. especially when I was just in the process of cleaning the house up. grrs. oh well. good times are to be had. I guess I will get back to the 'love birds' or make out buddies, or whatever the fuck.
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