December 10th, 2005

tea time

Don't waste your breathe

Sometimes you see people that you don't like, that don't like you. What do you do? Do you say 'hi, and how are you' or do you just keep on walking? In situations where there is so much tension/hate/distaste between two people, why fake nice? Why waste your breathe trying to make conversation when you know you hate one another? This happens to me a lot. People are FAKE ASSES to my face and it really irritates me. I have come to learn about the people who say hi and then talk shit about me behind my back and I don't want them being nice to me. I would rather keep on about my life ignoring you rather than pretend that you are worth my energy. I hate the "how are you's" amongst people who don't care for eachother. My brain is saying FUCK YOU dont talk to me.. and you fucking talk to me like you like me. Dont waste the breathe on me, I don't want it. I don't want to be cordial or pleasant. I don't like you or worse yet YOU dont like me. So, where does that leave us? Still distant and ignoring one another's existance. That is perfect for me. It is exactly the way I want it. I do not go out of my way to be nice to people who call me names behind my back and not directly to my face. I will not go out of my way to be a bigger person to someone I don't like and have NO respect for. Why? Why be like that? Probably because society is stupid and says to be nice to everyone. Whatever! There is no need to be nice to everyone, especially people that you have no relationship with. Strangers are one thing but people who dislike, no way! They aren't worth it to me. I bet I sound really crazy right now, like a total bitch, that's okay, too. I just hate it when someone tries acting like there is nothing going on. I am tired of this handful of people that I am aquainted with that think it's totally tolerable to be nice to me and then talk shit. OMG, why not just face it and don't waste the time. Be rude, I dont give a fuck.
anyway, coffee time went well. We had good talks. Work today was long and tiresome. We got alot done today for Monday. That makes me happy. Less to stress about later on. I will have a FAT check. woohoo.
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