January 5th, 2006

tea time


let me tell you it was the best visit down south that I have had since I moved up here. Nothing crazy happened. Everyone was wonderful, the weather was a fantastic 70 degrees for most of the time. We got to see all of my friends that I had hoped to see. It was just a great time all together. So many things happened and it would take me hours to type it all. So the short version: we saw Megan, Matthew, Joe, Tara, Samantha, Samantha, Thomas, and my family. New Years Eve we went to a party at Tara and her husband's (Thomas). It was interesting to say the least b/c no one had ever tried Hot Damn and i thought it was funny. There was a little bit of drama then we went to bed. Fought with Chris so i didnt go see him a 2nd time as i had planned. We tried to go to Cathedral Caverns but they were closed b/c in winter they only do tours by reservations with at least 10 people and they were closed on the weekend b/c of holiday. that sucked. i was sad because tristia really wanted to go. We went to Noccolula falls though and its changed a lot. We were unable to walk through pioneer village and take the train b/c it is only open after 5pm this time of year for the lights show. Basically everything i wanted to show her we didnt get to do but we did other stuff instead. we shopped. haha. we ate at most of my favorite restaurants - captain d's, krystals, sonic, hardees (southers style), waffle house. We stayed at Roshaundas, moms, megans, and taras. It was hard to find a comfy bed but we did okay. My neice and nephew are the cutest, they have grown so much. I miss being down there a lot. I miss my friends the most. Everyone is just so amazing. oh goodness - i have this friend who has 4 children, has been married 3 years, never worked. She couldnt hang out with us because 'he wont let me out of his sight'. I was like WTF. She said he doesnt let her do anything. I told her to tell him to watch his kids and lets go. She said that he told her he has a job and it's not with his family at home. OMG. I would kill my partner if they said that to me. I was very sad to see her way of life and how submissive she is to this man. All our years being friends she was a major bitch and always got her way and now all of a sudden she doesn't have any sort of say so about her own life. grr. anyway..
today I editted the five billion pics from the digital camera and uploaded them so all can see our little adventure. you know the drill.. look below the cut. On other news, today is my 23rd bday.. woah. i do feel sort of old. mom made me a bday dinner while i was there and i got a cute cake. oh well. i am back to being 3 yrs older than tristia for a while.  i have a feeling that this year is going to be awesome.

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