January 8th, 2006

tea time


feeling really bummed today and i dont really know why. i slept most of the day, i must have been tired. now i need to get motivated so that i can go pick tristia up from work in like 20 minutes. Ugh. I feel blah. We went to the Triangle and it was fun times. Took some pics, maybe i will post them later today or something. We left early, as usual, which is becoming a bad habit i think. This going home early thing is weird, it makes me not want to go out. I just don't enjoy the bar like i used to and i don't know why. I feel like I am wasting my money most of the time. I just want to hang out with everyone so I go. It's fun when there are shows sometimes. I guess since Tristia stopped doing drag the appeal just sort of wore off. :( Oh well. Life is not about how much you go to the bar. Last night someone told me that I look like I lost weight. Talk about a good compliment. I was amused because I have actually gained weight and was like 'thanks for lying' lol. Hrrm. We start doing water aerobics tomorrow and that's exciting for me. Getting more exercise will be good. I am SO lazy lately. It's gonna kill me to get back in the groove of working all the time and school still doesn't start for like 10 days. AHH! alright, I guess I should bathe now, right? Have a gooday if i dont talk to ya's later.
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tea time

doctor doctor

Gary is okay. They suspect it's Vertigo - where you are a little loopy for a few days or a few months. So, basically he has to check in with his physician regularly to keep tabs on it. He is not too happy about the docs not giving him a firm diagnosis b/c he feels a bit crazy. oh well. I'm going back to bed for about 30 minutes before work. adios.