January 9th, 2006

tea time

2nd job

So, I have been thinking about getting another job - again. I have decided to go back to my roots at good 'ole Speedway SuperAmerica. I went to talk to my old manager in Flushing but no one in that district is hiring. I called the last location that I worked at and the manager is going to call me back. The assistant told me they are in need of folks bad because they have a bunch of flakes working there. So, basically, I wait for David to call me back with some good news. How weird because I didn't see myself going back to that place to work for the crazy district manager and all but I can do it. Money is money and if i want to move at the end of May then we need to save some more moneys. At least I only have one class that I have to attend. The other class in online which means lots of Billi and Brian study time. yippee. I went and bought the books for Psych yesterday but didn't have enough money to buy the other 4 I need for English. If I was in Sisto's section of English Lit I would be reading Harry Potter but no, I have Vitale and we read Prairie Dogs and something else. I wish I was in Sisto's class (as much as she makes me want to barf sometimes). Oh well. Excited for school to get started again next week. It's been WAY too long of a break. Ok - dave called me and I am going to get rehired!! WOOHOO! he just has to talk to the DM and she will probably okay it because he wants to get rid of folks. yippee skippy! Ok, I have to go to Sprint to work out this situation with Gary's phone being lost and then get back to the YWCA.
Sara got confused on shifts today and came in to open even though I was opening and she was scheduled to close. So, I took the middle of the day off and I go back to close. woot. At least I won't be wasting any time, I will actually be 'working' in the cafe'.
REMEMBER - SCRAPBOOK night Monday January 16th 5-7 at the YWCA bring your own supplies and have a good time. There will be food available for purchase.