January 21st, 2006

tea time

Children's Literature

I just read my first chapter for Children's Lit and it's pretty awesome. They asked a bunch of well known authors to pick 1 book from the 20th Century that they hoped would roll into the 22nd Century. I read the list, I have read 30 of the 100 books on that list. 2 of them are my all time favorites. :) YAY. Maybe I will try to read the rest of the books in the next year.I bet it wouldn't take me that long. I have such fond memories of reading some of these books in elementary school. I forget how awesome reading is sometimes.
By the way, I finished the DaVinci Code in 2 days. It was FANTASTIC. Alright, gotta do some other homework. Just takin a break. Get to start work back at Speedway today. YIPPEE!
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