February 2nd, 2006

tea time

bed time rambles

i need to go to bed.. another long sucky day tomorrow.. I am gettin tired of this shit already. But, I got to spend some time with my mom today and that was 'sort of' good. I have spent like an hour updating my myspace accounts.. am i insane or what? I just want things to look pretty and appealing to all the hot queer gals out there. ha, i am halarious. Tristia and I were talking last night about 'looking' again. lol. We are fun. maybe something special will come into our lives and we will just have to give it a go.. hrrm. I work for the rest of my week and forever and ever after this. Next week I work every day at YWCA and Speedway. gonna be sort of sucky. Things are just getting worse at the YW. I just want to quit sometimes and say fuck this bullshit.. I can't though. I wouldn't leave Patrick in that sort of bind. I think that the CEO hates us and wants to get rid of the 'gay' cafe'. hah. Marshay is the only person working there that isn't 'funny' to the other people! how strange. oh well. Man of the Month is tomorrow and I'm SO EXCITED!! I fucking love drag kings. I want to fuck everyone. :( dirty me. anyhow.. Jen is competing and that's good times. I really hope that she wins. I adore her. She is the most kick ass friend Tristia has.. heh.. to think they almost were more than friends once. Ok, off to bed for real.. I think.
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