February 14th, 2006

tea time

no more no more no more

today was my last day at the YWCA. I told the CEO's secretary that i was done.. i told marshay.. and of course, i told Caid. Good Luck to Sara and Marshay and the damn CEO. I hope that she works it out. lmao. i really don't give a shit. They will fire caid this afternoon and I refuse to be under the thumb of K. whatever.
out to romantic lunch before work
tea time

good things

Things have been really wonky with me lately. I apologize if I have hurt anyone's feelings or been unduly rude or mean. I'm stressed and don't realize what a bitch I am under pressure. FORGIVE?
so, I wanted to name a few good things in my life right now just to remind me that I don't have to be this crazy work obsessed whore that I am.
~ I have love
~ I got tulips today!
~ I have 2 jobs
~ I am going to finish this semester with a decent grade
~ I am leaving Michigan in a few months (sorry kids)`
~ We are not poor currently

yes, my car has been driven back and forth for the past 2 days. I am so EXCITED that my car is working. Now I just need to sell the fucker.. it's all just a matter of time, ya know. aight. will see everyone later.