February 20th, 2006

tea time


i think the conference lacked a lot. I was sad that there wasn't more of a variety of breakouts. there was nothing lesbian specific or anything dealing with trans issues. there were 2 on gender and several for gay men and bisexuals. A lot of religion breakouts. basically, i felt that i chose sucky workshops. the one chance to go to something awesome, was during the time we did our presentation. so that was blah. besides that, enteratinment was good. the hotel was nice. we ate at some nice restaurants. had a good time with one another. spent TOO much time flying and in airports. ugh. i hate airports. another adventure down. there were so many people there from Minnesota I really can't wait to move there. Seems as though every school has a really strong LGBT organization on campus. I need that, I look forward to having that. I feel like the GSA is falling apart and I alone can't hold it together. I hope that Tom can keep it going. we will see. gotta get ready for worky work.