March 6th, 2006

tea time

protest america

Today we were driving down Bristol Road and passed some protesters across from a Church of Christ. On the side where the church is there were men in biker clothes waving the American flag and across the street where the gas station is about 8-10 people holding 'God hates Fags' signs and all that sort of thing. We were like WTF and went on about our way because we saw a police car pull into the gas station. This evening on the news it did a small segment about the protesting. Apparently there was a funeral at the church today for a soldier from Byron. The men with flags travel the country waving the flag at funerals for dead soldiers. The protesters basically follow them and protest at funerals. They believe that soldiers are dying because our nation has become more accepting of homosexuals. It's an amusing belief. I guess I never realized how open our country was to homosexuals. I know we are better than many but we have a long way to go. crazy shit.