March 7th, 2006

tea time

caught up

finally beginning to get caught up on school work. I just finished taking test 1 when test 2 is not the one we are supposed to be on. yea, i suck. hoping that over spring break i can take test 2 and then be ready for test 3 without having to rush myself anymore. i forgot about my lit paper that was due today so i wrote that right after work. all in all, i feel accomplished. dedicating more of my time to homework and not internet work.. who'd have thought it would pay off. I am a bit behind on everything else, though. it sucks to be me most days. ok, off to class.. yea i know.. i'm actually going. i dont plan to miss any more days for any reason. i am dedicated to the cause, dammit. i have to pass this semester if i want to graduate. holla