March 8th, 2006

tea time

i love the IRS

Generally, I do my taxes, no hassle, life is good. I get money back and feel rich for a minute until it all goes for bills. This year, I filed my taxes, felt like I was gonna be rich when the money came in and then buy a car and no more stresses. I got my federal taxes in the amount I was expected which was only $43 but still. My state taxes however got fucked up and I only got $110 of a $401 return. I have spent the majority of the day trying to contact someone who can help me with this. I called the IRS to no avail, I went to the Michigan Treasury site and tried to email them my questions- the site doesn't work. I went to the IRS office in Flint who gave me the phone number to call the State of Michigan. The same fucking number that I had been calling all morning that at NO time puts you in touch with a real person. It kept asking my SSN and then saying yes, you got your $110. No shit, I know that. I emailed TurboTax who told me that I should call the IRS and gave me the number. (i hate calling people) I call the IRS and the nice woman says 'i'm sorry but we only help with federal returns, call this number for michigan state taxes'. I call the number - and they closed 6 minutes ago at 4:45. fuck me. I once again go to the state of michigan website and their links are still screwed up so that you can't ask a question or find out any sort of information. i had to go to the contact us link and searach around for who to email. i first told them how fucked their site is for not working properly. Then I told them that I want to knwo where my $291 other dollars are. those bitches. I just want to know what happened. I didn't screw up. On all my stuff it says $401. AHH.
on to another subject - I finally went back to work in Admissions today. It wasnt too stressful. I was just counting applications as I have been for the past forever. I am about to start on the letter N and then I will officially be cool like a pimp. Mr. P talked to me for a while, he was concerned about me since I have been 'low key' for a while. Some times I just don't feel social, like all the time lately. At the end of the conversation he told me that he wanted me to know that I am not alone and that he is always there for me. it made me happy. it's been a while since i have felt that someone has cared about me, besides tristia. it's nice knowing that others are thinking about you even if you aren't aware most of the time. i have to get crackin on homework. holla at ya's later.
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