March 9th, 2006

tea time


I have been reading much lately about different things. I have come to believe in Wicca as a form of spirituality that i want to be involved in. My problem here is I am not good at solitary learning. I want to find someone to help me along the path. This is a little sad, though, because I know a few wiccans/pagans and I am unsure if they are willing to help. I even submitted a request to get involved in a local coven. I have to meet with them first before they will even let me be apart of the yahoo group. so yes, I am interested beyond slightly. I have been myspacing people that I know to see if there is anyone that they could recommend. Geez, this is hard work. Anyway, I couldn't sleep this morning after Tristia left for work so I have been searching wicca/witch websites for 3 hours. I am really tired now and the day hasn't even started for most people. We are taking Kim, my mother in law, to brunch because it's her birthday. I'm excited about this. We don't spend much time with her family. My car is totally functioning at this point. Yesterday we went and got the tag an title transferred to me. It runs fine after a few minor glitches. Basically, I own a car again. A car that runs that I don't have to stress about. YAY! good things are happening and that makes me smile. talk to you all laters.
tea time

think about it

i'm afraid of silence:
sometimes when i'm alone

I have cut myself:
when i was in high school i was weird like that

I'm afraid of the dark:
if i'm alone

I'm afraid of facing my back to open doors at night:
no not so much

I've run away from home:
a few times

I shut others out when I'm sad:
to get them to care

I communicate with others easily:
in person

I watch the news:
more than most people i know

I own over 5 rap CDs:

I own something from Hot Topic:

I love Disney movies:

I kill bugs:
i run from them

I curse regularly:
ha, my mom is disappointed in my trash mouth

I have a "x" in my screen name:
hell no

I like Spam:

I bake well:
yes i do.

I have worn pajamas to class:

I have a job:
that takes up too much time lol

I am in love with someone/like someone:

I am guilty of tYpInG lIkE tHiS:

I like to laugh:
when things are serious

I have tried alcohol:
Yes. i tried it and liked it

I have cough drops when I'm not sick:
i always have them in case someone needs them

I have smoked weed:

Swallowing pills make me gag:

I have many emotional scars:
define many.. what's the average?

I have many physical scars:
not to many

I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room!:
no way! i freak out

I am really ticklish:

I love chocolate:

I bite my nails:
when i'm bored

I am comfortable with being me:
some days

Seen a shooting star:

Laughed and had some type of beverage come out of your nose:
thankfully no

Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour:
i hate milk so no

Drank a half a gallon of milk in under a minute:

Bitten someone:

Gotten the chicken pox:

Crashed into a car:
Yes but i wasn't driving

Ridden in a taxi:

Had feelings for someone who didn't like you back:
no, everyone loves me lmao

Had a crush on a teacher/coach:

Thrown up in a bar:

Eaten Sushi:
I tried it and didn't like it.

Walked purposefully into traffic with your eyes closed:
i dont want to die

I tried to kill myself:
long long ago

Tried one night stand: