March 11th, 2006

tea time

good day

tristia didnt work this morning so we spent time together. we got around and went to Great Lakes Crossing. I got some new tongue rings and a cute Fredricks of Hollywood bra! YAY ME. She got a timer (shes been wanting one) and a solid steel shot glass. Yea, she's cool like that. We had a great time and talked and talked all the way there and back. Now, she's workin at McDs and I'm lonely. Not for long though. I am about to take a nap. I work 3rd tonight so I need my beauty rest.. for real. I found some of my music online last night. I am so excited. I was even able to find MySpace's for almost all of the bands I was interested in. YIPPEE.
So if anyone is looking into TripHop/techno then you should definitely try SI*SE, Mandalay, and Beauty's Confusion. All 3 are kick ass. If you like solo acts, Olive rocks!
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