March 30th, 2006

tea time

asking too much

Was I asking too much to expect to be able to move my pets with me? I am so sad that Dim and Gaz will not be able to go to MN with us. The condo place doesn't allow any pets. So, yea, we are sad and need to find new homes for the babies. We also aren't going to be able to afford to move all of our shit in a UHAUL. This leaves us selling everything but the minimum items and moving in our cars. I am proposing to take all of our friends with us and make it a road trip. I'm sure there will be enough room for us all sleep in the new small condo. YAY if anyone is interested in going to MN with us to move shit, I promise to love you and cook for you while you are with us. It will be fun. Who doesn't want to drive 10+ hours?