April 5th, 2006

tea time

i feel alive

Actually I feel pretty fucking dead today. I have been awake for almost 4 hours and all I have accomplished is sending some emails, fucking around on MySpace,and eating captain crunch berries. Shouldn't I be doing something else? Homework even. I don't know. I need to start my PSYCH project because I was stressing it and wrote it all out. I just need to finish surveying some people or something. I need to go back to sleep so that I can wake up in time for Tristia to get home and I will make us dinner. But then again, I dont know if I even feel like cooking. Blah. that's how i feel. things are getting on track. I graduate in THIRTY ONE DAYS!! both of my parents are coming up for the graduation. the bad side is that my stepdad isnt coming up for it.. which is almost as sad as the fact that my dad IS coming. oh geez. I don't know what's going to happen. We have opted to have an open house celebration the day after since we cant book the place that we want on the Saturday of graduation. I think that because of this, my dad will not be at the openhouse.. so basically I will see him for 5 minutes at graduation. fuckers. oh well. To think that I move in 95 days is also exciting. Everything is just around the corner.
Tristia got called into work today. that's dumb. I hate that she always goes. I know that it's money and money is fantastic but dammit, sometimes I just want to wake up with her and cuddle in the morning not wake up feeling all alone and lonely. Sure the cats are layin on me but it's just not the same. grr. oh well. I guess i should go be 'productive'.. yea freakin right.
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