April 9th, 2006

tea time

aaaahhhhhhh choo

I just got out of work - 2 hrs late mind you. B decided to sleep in all cuddly with her man rather than come to work. Granted OverTime is always nice but fuckin A.. I was sleepy. Now I am wired and can't lay down..
on to another note..
this girl sort of threatened Tristia lastnight and I think I'm going to kill her. I know that sounds crazy, I know Tristia is the butch one and all but... I don't take shit. This girl lied to her girlfriend and said that Tristia was trying to seduce her or 'talk her into messing around/do stuff' with her. Tristia told me about her friend and would've mentioned if she was talking to her about hooking up. So then Tris gets an instant message from the girlfriend tellin her that she better stop trying to get her girl to do stuff. Tris didn't get to finish tellin me what happened because i was at work when it all transpired but I am dying to know what else happened. I'm generally not too territorial or vengeful but I trust Tristia and I know that she wasn't hitting on that girl. So, I hope that it's all straightened out OR ELSE! Never before have we had any problems with girls but now.. all is nuts.
okie. i'm outtie