April 13th, 2006

tea time

where are you motivation?

Today I feel very awake. So, I am not gonna go to sleep. Instead I am going to start packing away things that I don't need anymore. I have a lot of stuff that I like and want to keep but don't use. so, that will ALL go first. That and the books. Yes, I said I am packing my books. The few I am reading now will remain out but I plan to pack all the rest because I am not going to read all of them, ya know.
My dad told me lastnight that he wants to stay with Tristia and I while he is here for graduation. I don't know what to do with that. I don't plan on spending all of my time with him. I usually spend time with my mom and that side of the family. Just knowing that he might be staying in our apartment has me spazzing out. I haven't seen him in years. He has seen me twice since I came out. He met Roxanne once. I don't know how he will deal with me and Tristia. I don't want to have to be on eggshells around him, trying to play in straight. geez. i'm such a spaz.
I guess I should get to doing things huh.
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