April 16th, 2006

tea time

sleep cooking

I am so tired and I have to start dinner for 6. I just don't feel like it though. How bad is that? I got 5 hours of shut eye but it wasn't enough. I'm making a killer dinner of Mozzarella Chicken Cutlets and Stuffed Shells. Topping it off with peach pie (sara lee) for dessert. YAY! I love to cook. Now, I just have to get my ass motivated.
The egg dying party was awesome. Mel and Cat came which made me happy because I haven't really spent much time with them outside of the Triangle so it was nice. Steph, Steph, Jen, Sara, Monica, Katy also came. It was great times. I will be posting pics soon. I have one of a donated egg that's just amazing.
hope everyone is having fun doing whatever they are doing whether its celebrating the holiday or just hanging out.