April 22nd, 2006

tea time


I get really frustrated when people bale on me. But I survive. I still went about my plans yesterday and wasn't too down that people decided at last minute to do something else when we'd been planning this for a week. Anyway, I got like 4 nomination awards at the leadership banquet. yippee, right. But didn't win anything, which I don't really care about. Last year I was really worked up because I thought I would win and then I didnt. This year I didn't do that much work so I didn't really care. lol. But it was nice to get dressed up and stuff. woohoo. Then home to pick up Tristia and go to Holloway. OMG, there was an accident on 69 right past Irish Road. On top of the fact that its only 2 lanes because of construction. It took us an hour to get to the next exit so we got to the lake a lot later in the afternoon than planned. but we spent about 2 hours and then headed to dinner. It was nice to just lay in the sun. it was great. We had chinese which was great, I freakin love chinese food sometimes. After that we came home and went to bed literally. I didn't go to to bar. oops. I was sleepy and just got in bed and cuddled Tristia. It made for a wonderful ending to a wonderful day.
today is 2 yrs us being together. can you imagine that? its amazing. I love her.
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