April 24th, 2006

tea time

more plans to be made

i suppose this is where I fall asleep.
things are really falling together with moving. We do get to use the truck YAY. So we are leaving May 25th to take stuff. Brian has so generously offered to go along wiht us so we can fill his car full of our shit and get more items there on trip #1. I'm happy for that. How awesome our Brian is. I think we are going to get everything packed up after my graduation so that we can figure out what's going to Carrie's with us and what's going to MN and what we are leaving at her moms until the FINAL move. so much sorting to do. I'm just ready to do everything already. I feel so drained from life lately and I want something happy.. except i have one sad thought. that i wont see my alabama friends quite as often as i do now and what if we lose touch. I dont worry so much about megan but what about the rest of those hoes. oh well.
im falling asleep typing. peace out.
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