April 29th, 2006

tea time

Friday Night

yesterday was nice. We packed a lot of things. a lot of things. it was good. I feel like we are accomplishing something.. finally. Then off to the lake so Tristia could go fishing. Jen met us out there and we giggled and acted like crazies for a few hours. Then we came home. Adam is in town so he came over and hung out.. Jessie and Jenna came over too. We watched Hostel again.. because they wanted to see it. Tried to watch Lord of War but I just wasn't into it. we chitchatted and acted silly then they left around midnight. i couldnt sleep. I layed in bed til Tristia went to work at 4:30 and still no sleep. at about 5:30 i was able to sleep good. But i was still awake by 10am. Today will be long. I have to work tonight so hopefully I can get some sleep later today.
I cant believe graduation is a week away. one freakin week. I feel like a spaz. My dad flies in early on Friday. YAY! I get a whole freakin day with him. I wonder what he's gonna want to do.. spend time with me or go see some folks. i don't know anymore. can't really stress it at this point. I hope that my friends come to my openhouse. I really feel nervous around all the family and my friends can keep me level. lol.