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May 1st, 2006

did you know

that is freakin sucks to be asked to work late on a morning when you are already exhausted beyond comprehension..
but you do it anyway.


Tomorrow is the last day of this semester. yay. i still have to go to class which i think is very freakin dumb. but whatever. then i have a few days of crazy before the graduation weekend. and then.. back to classes next tuesday. i hate that i still have to get these stupid credits this spring. i wished i was over once graduation was done.. but no. oh well. i will learn new things and life will be peachy.. right, right? i havent been sleepin lately and it freakin sucks. about 5 hrs in the mornin when i get home and then i cant sleep for the rest of the day. i think its the stress of family coming and all that. i dont know. hopefully i will get on a normal schedule once i start my new classes. it cant get much worse, can it?
off to work yet again my friends.