May 3rd, 2006

tea time

cuddles ans smooches

feelin lonely today. probably because i hardly see my wife at all. i have to sleep alone every morning. i get no cuddles, i get no smooches. i invited steph over to be my cuddle buddy. she is going to play with my hair and make me feel special. how funny is that? i have to invite someone over to spend QT with me. lol. i need it though. i cant tell you the last time i had a long hug or just felt special. its the stress i tell you. only 3 days. damn. 3 days til i'm done. 2 days til i see my dad. woah! whats a gal to do?
i got my nails done today in this sexy pink color. they are shiny. hahaha. damn, i forgot how femme i feel with nails. i think i will go get a pedicure on friday or saturday morning.. if we have the money. i just wanna be cutesy tootsy.
shower time. definitely. steph will be here in 40 minutes. eek
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