May 4th, 2006

tea time

17 hrs and counting

My dad will be here in 17 hrs.. roughly. my house is clean. i feel accomplished. now i just need to buy some food. lol. or he will just have to starve to death. i'm gettin excited now and not so nervous. looking forward to a lot of family time.. hopefully some friend time. i think my pals are all going to get together sunday night after my openhouse. that will be kickass. i cant wait to see everyone, just get things done. wow! things are settling down. i got 8 hrs of sleep today for the first time in about 2 wks. last night was nice with steph here. she played w/my hair and joked around w/me. no kissin or anything. its like we want to but we just dont and its strange.. maybe next time..
i thought i was going to hate her but she really doesnt get on my nerves as much as i thought she would. i wonder why. oh well.
time for a lil nappy.
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