May 26th, 2006

tea time

so far so good

things are going well in SUNNY minnesota. we unloaded stuff today and took our first tour of the condo. its tiny but its home. we will enjoy it until we find a place that suits us that we can afford. Im excited to move here already, as is Tristia. I think Tom is even enjoying himself. woohoo. maybe he'll move here with us. that would be awesome. we went to the mall of america today and had a good time. we bought matching claddagh because we lost ours. .lol. then to dinner at a strange place but i found something i liked and all was good. we all hate the computer desk here. the chair sets high and the desk is low. the keyboard is one of the curved, split ones so its strange feeling and i keep messing up. tomorrow we are goin to one of richards softball games and then to an art museum or the Zoo hopefully. i want to do something fun. we have reserved Sunday for unpacking things. that will be fun.. putting our home together. woah.
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