June 4th, 2006

tea time

Motor City Pride and juby

Today we went to Ferndale for the pride festival. It was okay, rather dull and unappealing to us. We left after about 1.5 hours. It just wasn't anything exciting. Unlike Michigan Pride there were no performers or rally or parade.. so its just vendors. That's rather boring really. We bought some bondage art which made us happy. I think that will be our new thing.. bondage art. I bought Knoll this really sexy card that I'm glad he enjoyed. we spent a lot of money today. We dont have enough to spend but we did it anyway. We are gonna be so screwed. No more spending til we move. Seriously have to finish paying Carrie and Knoll and save up for moving.
Kyle's grandfather died 2 days ago. I had just saw Kyle the night before and he said it was any day sort of thing. I am going to the funeral tomorrow with Sara; Tristia has to work. I think Roxanne might be going as well. I dunno. I feel so bad for Kyle's family and I hope I can offer some comfort. to anyone else who reads this and wants to go : 2pm Holy Redeemer at Bristol Rd and 475.
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