June 26th, 2006

tea time

interview for me

I have a job interview in Minneapolis at Fraser which is a center for special need individuals - children and adults. the slogan in 'special needs, bright futures'. and I like it. I applied as a care taker sort of position but they called me for a program assistant position so i suppose that's what i'm going in for. I spoke with a nice woman on the phone and she said that i should reapply online for the coordinator position and I read what it was about I was like WOW big position. The only thing that I don't qualify for is that th eposition asks that you have an RN. She asked about my education and I told her. She even asked about certifications and I told her none. STILL she said lets do the interview and full speed ahead. I'm excited I think. I'm wondering why she'd interview someone that doesn't have the qualifications. Oh well. Who knows? I 'm just glad something fun is happening in life. lol. Tristia's cleaning up and I'm wasting time searchin for jobs.  the options are endless....