June 28th, 2006

tea time

job search continues

 The sexuality educator position is filled for this year but I can apply again for NEXT fall (2007) crazy. I also have been in contact with SSA about a transfer. I'd love to get into management then I could scoot my way up to working for corporate. Doesn' t sound like a real goal but honestly, with Speedway, once you are in and start moving up you can go anywhere you want position wise and I'd like to do Human Resources stuff or maybe even merchandising.. goal.. to own the biz. lol. Store managers make about $30K or more a year and that's not including the $1000 bonuses bi-monthly and the paid holidays and excessive amounts of vacation time. so yea.. i dunno. we will see what happens. I'd really like to work with the community and stay involved as much as possible but if i can't find a position that allows that, at least I can do something i like - work with the people. I guess I will go finish studying.
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