July 28th, 2006

tea time

accomplishment feels great

Tristia got her MN liscence today. I will get mine with the next check that comes. We got MN car insurance and opened a bank account.. so far so good, right?! I'm excited. I feel like we are getting it together. Still waiting for her check to get here, probably some time at the beginning of next week. blah. Day one of work was good. That store is super busy and there were 5 people there in the morning. ugh. They even have 2 third shifters. I work at a different store for the next few days and back to my home store on Wednesday. I only have one day off. There is nothing like workin 50 hrs your first week. haha. Just found out that in MN, you work 45 not 40 hrs. This means longer days and bigger pay checks. I just want to get the health insurance stuff started. That's what I really need.
 I want to go to this waterpark not far from our house. Next day off, that's what I want to do. Something exciting and fun.
ok, lunch then off to work.