August 3rd, 2006

tea time

SSA what?

why the hell do people get jobs and then call in every other day? why i tell you why?
so far the answer is: so billi can work 60 hrs a week pickin up the slack.
Fuckers .. 13 hr work day. and i've slept 4 hrs in 2 days.

I fucking love my job!!!!!!!!

happy note, Craig and Richard are buying us a bed since they didnt get us a commitment present and missed other events since we've been together. How amazing is that? Craig bought us chairs for the kitchen table he gave us today - for Tristia's birthday. I feel spoiled and guilty. I don't know how to handle such extravagant presents.. but to soothe myself, I am hunting down the perfect bed. Any ideas on sites or whatnot of where to look for an awesome bed?
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tea time


Making dinner for the wifey.. it's something that I miss. It's our first dinner that I've cooked in a while. Nothing fancy but I just like to cook for people. Now that I have a kitchen table I can have people over for dinner... all my imaginary friends here. I really like Jesse and hopefully he will be my new friend. He reminds me of Dan so much it's crazy. I finally sent Megan's scrapbook to her and she loved it. That makes me happy. i like it when i give people things that they like.
today i did work my shift. so since tuesday i have worked 30-hours. blah.
i'm out.
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