August 19th, 2006

tea time

baby making.

Sometimes you can get so wrapped up in the excitement and challenges of your life that the days just fly by. One minute it's Monday afternoon, and then suddenly it's Friday night! But once time passes it's gone forever. So right now it's important for you to realize that every day is something you need to experience as much as you can. Take notice of the people and events around you and you'll be privy to some useful insight. Slow down if you need to. Don't take anything for granted

the other night I dreamed i had a baby. literally was in labor. I had a boy, he was beautiful. I named him something that starts with a R. Interesting, tristia's dads whole family has names that start with R. It was a great dream. I was crying because I couldn't believe that I was really a mother. It is something I want desperately. hopefully, one day..
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