August 29th, 2006

tea time

Risky Business

I am listening to a commentary on Logo and it’s on a show called In the Life.. it’s the gay tv magazine. WOW! Let me tell you insane. I am inspired. I am enlightened. I feel like I get it. I understand the statement of Richard at AIDS WALK and I understand so many more things than I did before. Harvey was talking about HIV/AIDS and prevention. Right now there are a high number of young people trying to get the disease. They see it as an ‘in’ and that they are cool. Apparently having the disease is a right of passage for many young youth. The advertisements for different drugs/cocktails are upbeat and make people see life with this disease as being easy and beautiful. People can live with it but its not as easy as advertised. You don’t just take a miracle drug and then you have no sickness or weakening organs. Apparently a lot of the drugs used to treat AIDS cause heart problems and organ failure. Why would someone want this disease? Why? After all that the lgbt community has done to find cures to pressure people into reacting and changing their habits.. now the youth are turning their backs. As Richard said, they feel it is owed to them. People think that they should get wonderful treatment and be in the cool HIV crowd. I am saddened by this. You would just have to watch the show and maybe you could understand a bit more. It was intense.