August 31st, 2006

tea time


we got our bed delivered today. It's fantastic and fucking HUGE. I didn't realize it would take up SO MUCH space in our bedroom. The room is rather small and the bed is so high and wide. I love it though. We went and bought a new set of bed stuff from Linens and Things. Its really pretty. I will be posting a full aray of home pics tomorrow if the computer accepts my pics. So yea, you all will get to see the decoratedness.. so far. We are about to go put our living room set on layaway. yippee. that makes me so excited I can't even tell you. Then we will have a really awesome looking place.
so for now, I'm off to sleep. Going to IHOP for breakfast tomorrow with Tristia before she heads into work. So, I must wake early early. Peace Out.