September 7th, 2006

tea time

Things Overheard

Teacher: "Uncertain." What does "uncertain" mean?
7-Year-Old boy: Like you're not sure about it?
Teacher: Good! What's an example of something you're uncertain about?
7-Year-Old boy, after thinking for a moment: God.

* i HEART reading these things*
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tea time

grocery shopping

So, today I went for my drug test and then I decided that i should do my grocery shopping while I was out. So I grab the groceries and then wander through the isles of household items and medicine.. I grab some batteries and a pack of condoms (hey, saves time on cleaning and less likely to give YOURSELF an infection). The batteries were for the camera - not toys. Geez, you perverts. I'm also wearing one of those 'how many licks does it take' shirts. While checking out the last thing the cashier grabs was the condoms. She looks at me and says 'looks like you're having too much fun'. I just laughed. When I got home I noticed that the batteries, condoms, and bananas were in the same bag and that was all that was in there. I just laughed. I thought it amusing. lol. HAHA! so I wanted to share.
I'm off to go hang out with Megan. Hopefully I won't die on the expressway - I HATE CITY DRIVING!
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