September 16th, 2006

tea time

all better

I officially start my 'job' in about 48 minutes. woohoo. At least it's something to do. Tristia is off work this weekend, thank goodness. Looks like she's going to take some her time and just chill alone. That's nice. She made a disaster area of our living room yesterday. We went and bought a book shelf and a microwave cart so that's exciting. Our make-shift book shelf wasn't doing it anymore. Wish we could have moved our old one. Oh well, I'm glad to have one b/c there are too many books lol. So the room is full of cardboard and paper and tristia's art project for herself. It's cute when she gets motivated to do something. :) I love her so much.
We went to the movies and saw Accepted with Park and Megan. It was a fun time. I have to say they are the cutest damn couple and they always seem so smiley. I love that. I envy them. Tris and I are doing better. She had to make some decisions as did I and I think we are definitely on the road to recovery. Guess it was just a 'rough patch' or something. Tonight Liz is going with us to the Vixen game and then we are supposed to go out to a bar, I have no idea which one yet, though. I'm glad to get out of the house and mingle with people. Seems like SO long since I've done that. yay.
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