September 17th, 2006

tea time

no squiggle

I didn't have to squiggle today.. just in case you were curious haha. I'm going to enjoy working there. It's pretty steady and the customers are awesome.
I will be working the morning shift which leaves me having afternoons with Tristia when one or the other of us isn't doing something else.. usually it's here doing the something else. but you know. I got another message this a.m. from the woman who wants to be my friend but I just can't trust her so I don't know if I should just say I DONT TRUST YOU GO AWAY or let her try. I dunno. She was cordial to me when she saw me last night and i smiled and played nice. I suppose I could give it a shot at being friends but then.. that's not my style.
I really want to take a trip. What do you say? go somewhere fun? I need to start planning a trip out of here. I need a break already. hah.
nap time now.
(be back on yahoo Tuesday - Thursday so don't be so sad. :)
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