September 20th, 2006

tea time

I'm Wet and Creamy

I just finished reading How to Fuck a Tranny. My copy came in the mail yesterday but I didn't get a chance until today to go through it all. So, at risk of sounding like the complete perv that I am I LOVE IT! The magazine was very hot and steamy. I think it is full of resources and masterbation material - we like that a lot. I am very impressed that my friends put this together because I think it might make a lot of people feel better. I hate to do comparisons about things that others take so seriously (this zine is getting lots of criticism right now) but I need this just as much as I needed lesbian erotica and how to books. When I was coming out I needed to know that others were happy with what they were doing and that  my life wasn't destined to be horribly depressing. Reading How to Fuck a Tranny was a revelation. I read things that I swear I could have written and things that I can relate to from the perspective of my partner (I do repeat, Tristia is genderqueer )regarding sex. I am so excited for this zine and I hope that at least some of the people who are up in arms about it will read it and then they won't think it's just some way to objectify others. They might like it, they might get turned on. There will be undies for days. Others will learn about strap-on sex and dialogue and get tips on things to do.
I give KUDOS to the editors!