September 23rd, 2006

tea time

all work and no play

More than ever before, you're finding it easy to stay true to your toughest goals in life. No matter how silver-tongued that little devilish voice inside you may be, nothing can pull you off your track today! This laser-precise focus serves you well, keeping you out of trouble -- without depriving you of having a lot of fun. All work and no play is no good. As long as you seek a balance between these two forces, you'll be fine
* * *
looks like I need to find something fun to do tonight huh? We'll probably just be relaxing in the uncle's hot tub and being cute and cuddly. The joys of having a few days all to ourselves. Then back to the crazy grind of friends and life on Monday.
tea time

tonight was fun

we had a semi-romantic evening. she took me out to dinner and to get drunk. lol. we had a good time and talked alot. i feel like we are forever establishing rules. dammit. lol. but i love her. every moment is worth it if i can make her smile.