September 29th, 2006

tea time


We are going separate ways. She has made her choice. She needs time/room/space to find herself before she can give herself to anyone. I respect her for knowing that she needs to do it. I love her for her honesty. I hate her for hurting us like this. I need to start getting my shit together to move but I just can't begin to sift through our life. when i think about it i get so terrified. its a horrible feeling.
knowing that there is no tomorrow because
I can't be with you right now
tea time

there is a plan

I am leaving Minnesota. It's official for me. I just have to save my money and get going. I am not going on a little vacation to clear my head and then return. I am going to leave for good. i am going to go to Michigan first and then down south. I am hoping I can get enough money to travel before the snow starts. I am excited about starting something new. I have to look straight ahead.
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