September 30th, 2006

tea time

Razor Sharp

I woke from a dream.. a dream that i was at a beauty shop getting my hair cut and the lady was really good with the razor. So she was doing my hair or whatever. Then decided that she wanted to shave my face/neck just to prove how talented she was and that she wouldn't hurt me.. then she sliced me throat. I woke up with the worst pain ever.. well not the worst.. but it compares.. So I don't know. Maybe that means it's time for me to bleed out? lol. Just feel this through? what? I don't know about all that.
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tea time

Finally - day 4

I didn't cry until right now. I made it through the majority of the day. Work was excellent. I had a distraction and it was sweet. But I had to check out the myspace. I love the song Hate Me and I put it on here about a month ago so I find it crazy that now she's claiming it. but it makes sense. At least she cares I guess. Shouldn't I be glad for that? fuck. I am gonna go hang out with Liz and start making one of those boxes.
tea time

Independence #1

I went and got my own cell phone today. On a plan of my very own that I am responsible for. I am actually scared shitless about this. Not because being on a plan alone is scary but because I feel that it's symbolic. I am slowly cutting all the cords that attach us. Woah!! big step for me. My stomache was in a million little knots at the store. I can't believe I'm 'on my own' lol.
If you need/want the number and I haven't given it to you yet then leave me a message and i'll get it to you.