October 2nd, 2006

tea time

dreams and a song.

I dreamed that I was fighting with a lady b/c she was mad that I said her children were beautiful. i hope that someday someone says I have beautiful children. I will have beautiful children. On another note, Maria added me as her friend on myspace and it makes me smile. So, I thieved her song. I don't know who all has heard it but if it can help Maria through a tough time, it can help me. That girl is one tough cookie. *yay for new friends*
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    My Black Dahlia by Hollywood Unread
tea time

woah! recap!

*i wrote this in LJ after R and I split*

ESCAPE! that is my cure for my ailment, do something/anything to escape my own thoughts. this could end up being detrimental to my health, at this point i dont really care. i could really go for a long beach, some X, and an orgasm right now.. lol. but only the good self satisfying fuck the rest of you kind of orgasm. the angry-scratched-up-and-cant-help-being-pissed-off-gonna-take-it-out-on-you-fuck-me-sex. ah.. those were the days..lol. so yea, i can relate to anyone who is upset.alone.frustrated. needs a hug. I am there with you . and any release is better than no release.

They say
it's like death
I say
it's like life
Nothing makes me
feel more alive
than feeling strongly
about something.
is living
and coping
is dealing
is cancer
and depression
is death.
I want to
I say
I will survive!
4-11-04 9:52pm