October 3rd, 2006

tea time

weeping willows

Sometimes we expose ourselves to others just so they know we are willing to give. sometimes I am WAY too frightened to give of myself. but I'm starting to learn. that's the things about new relationships - romantic or friendship. You have to trust the person enough to be able to let them 'in' and let them know that you aren't just going to take what they offer. Both sides need to be doing something. aight. those are my thoughts.. off to sleepy land now.
tea time

I could be the world to you

I could be the world to you
my breast the pasture where you graze
my ribs windows from which to
watch the sunset
my vagina the tree that shadows your eyes
my legs the road that leads to destiny
my feet the steps from high waters
my arms the skies opening after a storm
my heart your home..
By: Love Child

* * *
I could write and write for ages. Tristia blogged this morning and it hurt me. It hurt to my core, not just for me but for her. I feel like I should make it all better but dammit she isn't making it all better for me. So, I can't comfort her, I can't comfort myself. I really just want someone to save me. I don't want to drown. I want to feel alive. . like I used to. I want to get through this breakup just like I did the last one but I can't seem to find anything to hide behind and I feel very exposed. Four hours of sleep just isn't enough, trust me. There is nothing like waking up and remembering that this isn't your home anymore and that there is nowhere to go ..
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