October 11th, 2006

tea time

Michigan Adventure

I got up around 5ish and we talked. Then we finished packing and getting my stuff ready for the long day of driving. Then for the minutes of sitting and staring at eachother. Then the goodbye. it was horribly sad for both of us but it will be good at some point. i know that.

i got turned around more than once. i ended up following a trucker through wisconsin into michigan b/c the freakin expressways were a little wonky.

I cried most of the way through michigan until I got to Mackinac. then i was so tired I couldn't do anything but drive and make people talk to me on the phone. It took me just under 12 hrs to get here. I am pretty damn excited about that fact. I fucking flew, i swear. almost 100mph the entire trip.

I arrived at Sara's and we chatted and then off to coffee with my fave girls: Sara, Jen,and Steph. Also invited by special request was Emily and Mark. I was excited to see everyone. It was great conversation and fucking amazing hugs. Then after like 1.5 hrs the owner tells us to leave. Some friends get so mad they leave without paying. Then they try to make us responsible for their bill. It was a mess and I told them I thought it was fucked up. how do you expect to get good service if you don't give it? I was not happy and I let the waitress and owner know. (yay for angry dyke) and they said we can't come back. oh fucking well. my life will go on.

I thought a lot today. more than I wanted to. I heard a lot of things tonight that made me sad and lots that made me laugh. Just trying to get used to the fact that i won't ever randomly happen upon Tristia - ever.

strange feeling.

tea time

Wednesday Horoscope

Have you been giving someone the silent treatment? It won't do you much good ... you can't make your point unless you clearly communicate your feelings and needs. People cannot read your mind, so get in touch and clear the air. If you are the one receiving silent treatment from someone else, reach out and check in with them. Find out whether they are ready to talk. Approach things compassionately and with your defenses down. -

* * *
what the hell is that supposed to mean?