October 30th, 2006

tea time

Clever Meals

Have no fear -- all your carefully laid plans will proceed just fine today. And any obstacles that do appear will be the kind that fizzle out on their own ... like a threatening sky at an outdoor wedding that moves to a dreamy blue right before the bride walks down the aisle. The only way your feathers could possibly get ruffled today is if you let them, so don't! Nothing is certain until it happens, so unless it does, put your energy into enjoying life.
* * * 
Life is good. Today i woke up with a smile and I hope it stays with me throughout the day. I want it to be Thanksgiving already because Mel is planning on coming here! YAY! happy times! 
there has been a lot of friend drama, who negotiates friendships? i mean seriously, shouldn't it just be? I don't like all this rules and regulations. Let's just roll with it. 
i need to start working on presents for the people who requested. Will be more focused and produce something for each of you now that I am settled/motivated.
hugs, billi
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