November 8th, 2006

tea time

sick and tired

I am sick. I don't know if I have a cold or the flu. It's day 3 and I still feel like DYING. I wish my mom was here to make me feel better. My voice comes and goes. This cough is rediculous and if Mel makes me laugh one more time I will punch her. lol. She thinks it's funny to tell me jokes so that I laugh.. and the laughing makes me cough. NOT COOL!
I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving. I think the entire Baker family will be getting together like we do for Christmas. This is exciting for me. I love it when my family is together. I bet it will be really weird for Mel to meet everyone like that but oh well. Good times with the family. Jamie and Chere are having everyone in our lil gay group there for Thanksgiving also. I am looking forward to that as well. I have to decide what I want to make. I think that Mel will love my friends and they will love her as well.
Jen, Sara, and Jamie have decided to have one-on-one time with her while she is here. That makes me nervous but I have faith in them and that they are looking out for me. I think she can handle it.
random thought today: I like biting.. who's up for biting?