December 31st, 2006

tea time


The year is coming to an end. I really couldn't be more overjoyed that it will be done. Last year started off really shitty and hopefully it won't be like that this year. I had a lot of stuff happen in 2006 and I am looking forward to a New Year new possibilities/prospects. Looks like Liz and I are going to Mel's tonight. Her housemates are throwing a little shindig so why not. The bad part is we have to wake at 5am to get Liz back here to her car and take the dogs out.Then more sleep for us. lol. I gave Mel my evil sickness. So, now she feels all yucky and that isn't fun at all. I think I am learning to live with it. If that is possible.
It started snowing a little over an hour ago. I wish it wasn't snowing. On the day I drive her to work it decides to snow! Maybe it will taper off and I won't have to be driving at night in a crap load of snow slush mess. My driveway is already nicely dusted with the white fluff. Fantastic.
Off to shower now and be somewhat motivated!
Have a Safe night