April 19th, 2007

tea time

things are looking up

Today I officially got the promotion to assistant manager. As of Monday, I will make $2 more an hour, which is hella good and will have access to sick time and vacation time. This will work wonders for me when I want to go somewhere for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I am really excited about the extra money!
Today I also registered for my classes for the fall.. I am double majoring in Criminal Justice and Sociology.. I have this fetish for crime things, so I thought, why not..
I am taking Criminology, Crime and Justice in America, Social Research Methods, and Philosophy of the 20th Century.
Criminology and Methods count towards both majors, Philosophy is just something for requirements and then C/J in America is (duh) for Criminal Justice. So yea, we will see where this leave me. My estimated date of graduation is May 2009 which is coming around faster than you can imagine.
aight, time to pack up my stuff. *hugs*